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Education office

معاون آموزشی و تحصیلات تکمیلی دانشکده

 دکتر سیدمهدی ناجی

  • مرتبه علمی: استادیار
  • تخصص: اقتصاد کلان
  • تلفن: ۶۱۱۱۸۰۸۰
  • پست الکترونیک: mehdinaji@ut.ac.ir
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The deputy is in charge of the entire affairs regarding education in undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels as well as making decisions to achieve highest quality of education. The deputy's main responsibilities include:


  • admission, enrollment, and graduation services
  • implementing and encouraging education standards
  • administering the dissertations, proposals, and defense sessions
  • revision and amendment of the curriculum as well as approving new courses and majors
  • revision and amendment of the educational regulations
  • holding commissions for special cases and making decisions about them
  • preparing and producing annual reports on the status of education
  • and other tasks assigned by the university's Education and Graduate Studies Deputy


The Staff in the Office of Education

Marjan Jamshidi

Degree: Bachelor

Title: Office Administrator in the Education and Graduate Studies Deputy

Phone: +98-21-61118065


Main responsibilities:

  • Coordinating meetings, typing invitations and minutes for educational and student affairs
  • Administering Master and PhD dissertation defense sessions (invitations, score forms, announcements) and publishing the announcements on the department's website
  • Emailing PhD announcements as well as posting them on the website
  • Administering phone calls, mails, meetings, etc. for the Education Deputy and the Student Affairs Deputy
  • Typing Master and PhD level letters for the educational affairs, students affairs and Kish campus in several topics

Undergraduate education office

Artemiz Mohammadi

Degree: bachelor of chemistry

Title: vice-chancellor in undergraduate educational affairs

Phone: +98-21-61118113

Email: armohammadi@ut.ac.ir

Main responsibilities:

  • Undergraduate students enrollment, registration, graduation and other educational affairs, preparing diplomas, transcripts, and other certificates and confirmations and sending them to universities and higher education institutes
  • Correspondence for visiting students, reporting scores, and relevant affairs
  • Transcript and score correction, course registration, add/drop courses, and troubleshooting
  • Students award and honor affairs
  • Scheduling the curriculum and semester calendar

Zahra Akbari

Degree: Bachelor of library and information science

Title: undergraduate educational affairs officer

Phone: +98-21-61118104

Email: zaakbari@ut.ac.ir

Main responsibilities:

  • Educational affairs for undergraduates from the early entrance and reception to their graduation including enrollment, registration, add/drop courses, and exemptions
  • preparing reports and amendments for the Golestan system
  • students correspondence, weekly calendar preparation in collaboration with the professors
  • information an notifications

Graduate studies education office

Ashrafossadat Samanabadi

Degree: bachelor of economics

Title: the head of the education office

Phone: +98-21-61118103

Email: samanabadi@ut.ac.ir

Main responsibilities:

  • graduate/postgraduate students affairs from the early enrollment to their graduation
  • research and teaching salary/payment affairs
  • Martyr and veterans, Rouzaneh (tuition waived) and Nobat-Dovvom (tuition paying) students, international students, and honors students affairs
  • communications and correspondence for all official and research topics

Elaheh Rezazadeh Moayed

Degree: bachelor of public relations

Title: graduate/postgraduate studies officer

Phone: +98-21-61118102

Email: e.rezazade@ut.ac.ir

Main responsibilities:

  • graduate/postgraduate students affair from the early reception to their graduation, enrollment, add/drop courses, educational certificates and confirmations, and exemptions
  • transcript correction for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students
  • weekly calendar preparation in collaboration with the professors
  • information and notifications
  • graduate/postgraduate research affairs
  • dissertation and proposal documentation and reporting

Hamideh Mirhosseinzadeh

Title: graduate studies officer

Phone: +98-21-61118101

Email: hoseinzadeh@ut.ac.ir

Main responsibilities:

  • Honors students' affairs (contracts, nomination, etc.)
  • graduation reports, the sixth plan, abstracts, officially approving proposals
  • The Golestan system affairs (registration, add/drop courses, exemptions, educational certificates and confirmations, proposal approvals, weekly calendar, etc.)
  • Announcing notices, weekly calendar, etc. on the web/board
  • PhD qualification exams enrollment