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مرکز انفورماتیک دانشکده

The computer department of the Faculty of Economics is currently responsible for the maintenance, support and management of all software and hardware available in the faculty, covering the equipment and computer services of various administrative, educational and research departments (about more than 250 computers and accessories). The design, maintenance and update of the college website are the responsibilities of this unit.


:Computer Unit Activities



1. The Research and Educational Sector

It consists of 3 computer sites, training classes and IT centers. The activities of the unit of computer in these three sections are as follows:

  • The management and maintenance of 50 computers at three independent sites (for students in three undergraduate degrees and doctoral degrees), 60 computers in training classes, 60 computers in the administrative division and 10 server computers at the IT center.
  • Managing and maintaining accessories such as printers, scanners, رایتر, and video projector.
  • Creating and installing operational l and technical software and information technology and updating them with the latest updates.
  •  preparing domain Account for all faculty students and doing related supports.
  • Preparation and support All the required hardware equipment required from all  the classes; meetings and so on.

2. Management, Maintenance and Support

  • Communication and maintenance of network and Internet connectivity with the university network through the Center of Informatics
  • The emergence of all the hard - and software - intensive equipment
  • Management, maintenance, support and repair of all computer equipment.
  • Technical specifications of all the hardware and software equipment of different departments of the College to purchase, install and operate them in the faculty network and provide them with the training required by users to use them.
  • Managing, maintaining, storing, and securing the necessary security at the existing servers in the college.
  • Design, maintenance, collection and updates from the College and Interaction with the Information Centre and various departments of the college in this regard.
  • Provide computer services to all professors, employees, and faculty students.





zahra rahimalipour


education: senior expert in computer engineering

position: director

phone :   88026423 -61118098

email:   rahimalipor@ut.ac.ir